Charles Morey

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The Ladies Man Reviews

Geva Theatre Center 

April 7 - May 3, 2009

Extended through May 10!

"... delirious absurd madness ... giving us the opportunity to laugh in abandon for two full hours. ... simply brilliant, a comic confection ... Ooh la, la, I loved every minute of it."

Marcia Morphy

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 

"Classic French farce ... a brilliant example of the strengths of the art form ... And man, Act II is gold. The scene shifts from Molineaux's office-apartment to an abandoned dressmaker's shop, where all of the characters collide literally and figuratively. Things quickly devolve into broad physical comedy, bawdy double-entendres, a series of increasingly bizarre misunderstandings, over-the-top reactions, and a madcap chase sequence that features every one of the set's five doors (and a secret turntable) being put to brilliant use. It's a fantastic sequence that's tightly directed and choreographed, expertly acted, and features all of the hallmarks of a great farce."

Eric Resnyak

 City Newspaper

"A laugh a minute"

Jack Garner

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Columnist 

Indiana Repertory Theatre 

 March 3-22, 2009

"... a comic minefield ... threats to the established order detonate throughout "The Ladies Man", but it's the energy poured into escaping the explosions that's as satisfying as the eventually restored equilibrium ... this sort of theatre demands machine-tooled craftsmanship which this cast steadily supplies under the direction of the adapter, Charles Morey ... the tension filled marriage of a bourgeois doctor and his much younger wife endures a series of disasters, nudged  at the start like a row of dominoes whose fall picks up speed through two hilarious acts ... a vivid period flavor, giving room for all the characters to make their very one-dimensionality seem endearing and almost profound."

Jay Harvey

The Indianapolis Star

"It's time to take off your Hat of Plausibility and just sit, watch and enjoy the show ... This light hearted frantic comedy is full of double entendres, misunderstandings, lots of running around, terrible accents (puposely terrible) and lost of sex jokes ... plenty of laughs throughout. The second act is indeed a marvel in choreography and timing, with the action of a Keystone Cops film, the fun sexuality of the English "Carry On" series, the energy of a Benny Hill short ... will keep you cracking up."

Tim Cabeen

Indianapolis Theatre Examiner

"...delightful ... frothy and fun ... Watching this show is like watching the intricate inner workings of an expensive pocket watch or an elaborate mousetrap. It is fascinating because it is perfectly balanced and timed. It is funny, I think, because it involves, after all, human beings, who are not, actually, machines but rather a bit messy and unpredictable."

Indy Theatre Habit

"... fast paced romp ... the story veers wildly to it's hilarious conclusion..." 


"... my happy cackle could be heard above a house full of laughter ..."


"Sometimes it's great to see a show like "The Ladies Man." It's refreshing to laugh at frivolous mis-understandings ... the Indiana Repertory Theatre has reminded audiences that it is not only OK to laugh while at the theater, it is encouraged! ... With slamming doors and swirling skirts the characters fly through each scene compounding the confusion ... Don't Miss the Show."

Stage Write

"... a laugh a minute amalgam of goofy situations."

Good Times and Bad

"... dances the tightrope between hilarity and absurdity while keeping the surprised audience in stitches."

Mike Magan, Smaller Indiana

May 31- August 31, 2008

After the body blow that was